Church go-karting a no-go

Social activities related to organisational events should be subject to adequate risk assessment. The recent appeal action was taken by a church to a primary liability decision by a volunteer who sustained injuries while go-karting during a church conference. The appeal court’s decision to support the original findings highlights the need to adequately assess both [...]

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Human Rights Bill

In Queensland, some human rights (particularly civil and political rights) are part of the common law including the right to liberty and security of the person, the right to a fair trial, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of association, and freedom of expression. Other human rights are reflected in legislation: for example, the [...]

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Be wary of saying ‘this will all be yours one day’

An ‘equitable estoppel argument’ is a legal term covering a promise made by one family member to another about ultimate inheritance of a family business or rural property. This is a growing area of the law, with many more cases coming before senior state courts in recent years. One case in particular, Browne v Browne, [...]

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Donor seeks Control over Gift

Arecent Canadian court case demonstrates the pitfalls of philanthropic donations and the need to specify conditions in Donor Investment Agreements (DIA). The case of FASS v Centre for Addiction and Mental Health 2018 highlights the issue of donor rights in the direction taken by the recipient organisation in relation to the funding. The court found [...]

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State Revenue exemptions to tighten for Queensland charities

Anew law which will have an impact on charities was recently passed by the Queensland Parliament. Charities currently accessing  state revenue exemptions via their status as a ‘charitable institution’ should be aware of the changes it brings, although the Queensland Treasurer has promised that those already registered will not suffer as a result of the [...]

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