Expiration of certain PPSR Registrations 

Certain registrations on the PPSR are limited to a seven year expiry period, these include registrations for:

  • motor vehicles;
  • water craft; and
  • other property which may be described by a serial number (such as certain plant and machinery.

As the Personal Property Security Act 2009 commenced on 30 January 2012, interests registered on and after that time will start to expire from 30 January 2019.

If your registration expires, your interest in the property may become unsecured, which could have significant consequences.

Review your expiry

Every client with security interests registered should review the expiry date on each of their registrations.

The PPSR can be searched here. Otherwise, you can review your paper PPSR documentation.

If your registration does require renewal, a guide for doing so can be found here.

If you require our assistance with searching the register or the renewal of an interest, please let us know.