There are currently over 1,000 community sheds for men in Australia, and around 20 community sheds for women. The make-up of sheds comprises a high level of men from regional and remote areas and from lower socio-economic areas when compared to the general population.  Men’s Sheds are thus ideally placed as a health intervention for many in priority population groups.

It has been difficult for Sheds to receive an endorsement as a deductible gift recipient (DGR) under existing categories. From 1 October 2020 there will be a new DGR category to cater for Sheds and donors who donate $2 or more to a community shed that is endorsed as a DGR will generally be able to claim a deduction for their donation on their income tax.

A community shed must be first registered as a charity to apply for DGR endorsement. Men’s Sheds would usually have the purpose of running premises aimed at advancing mental health and preventing social isolation of the general community.  As such, there ought to be little difficulty in registration as a charity provided the other important requirements in the ACNC Act have been met.