Our practice, led by Director Paul Paxton-Hall, has earned a reputation for professionalism and outstanding client service. We are committed to delivering reliable and timely legal advice, all while guiding and supporting you through each step of the process.

We work to establish long-term relationships with clients built on trust and openness. Our senior staff are always available to provide frank and honest advice to the organisations and individuals we work for.

Our expertise in wills and estates, commercial law, not-for-profit law and property law is second to none.

What sets us apart


We recognise that the needs and circumstances of our clients can be complex and will vary from time to time. Our service portfolio is comprehensive, allowing for most of your family and business questions to be answered at Paxton-Hall Lawyers.

Paxton-Hall Lawyers is recognised for its expertise in the following areas of the law:

  • wills
  • estate planning, including trusts and succession planning
  • commercial law
  • law for not-for-profit sector
  • property law
  • technology law
  • employment and workplace law.

This means that our clients can always be confident they’re getting the right advice, tailored specifically to their needs.

Client service 

Our clients are our family. Relationships are the cornerstone of our business and everyone in our team is absolutely committed to outstanding client service. We are accessible, responsive and flexible.

Contemporary legal and technical skills

You will always have the most up-to-date legal advice available as we strive to stay at the cutting edge of our chosen areas of practice. Our structured legal training program – and our extensive database of research material, precedents, opinions and advice – ensures we are continually growing our expertise.

Our accessible approach

It’s important to us that you always have access to user-friendly documentation that is concise and easy to read, without compromising precision or clarity. We are committed to a policy of ‘plain English’. Our lines of communication are always open.

Value for money

We offer a flexible and competitive fee structure that recognises the importance of providing quality work that is value for money.


We recognise the importance of the firm’s culture and how it influences the people, the service and ultimately the outcome of our work. We strive to work to a core set of values.

Client-centric service

Our clients are the lifeblood of our business. Everything we do is focussed on providing them with the best possible service and advice.

Continuous improvement

To always provide our clients with the best possible advice, we’re committed to a continual renewal of our knowledge and expertise in what is an ever-changing landscape.

Truth, honesty and ethical behaviour 

Integrity is at the absolute centre of our responsibilities as legal professionals. Courtesy and availability will be evident in our communication with clients.

Openness and approachability

You will always have access to senior staff who will present you with clear, plain-spoken legal advice.

Outstanding value 

We will deliver value for money legal advice and services to our clients, without ever compromising on quality or transparency.


Paxton-Hall Lawyers was established in 2007 as the Brisbane office of Fox and Thomas Business Lawyers of Goondiwindi and St George.

In July 2010 we became an independent firm and completed this transition with a name change to Paxton-Hall Lawyers in April 2013. We are proud of our roots and maintain a strong affiliation with Fox and Thomas, with both firms sharing a similar mission and common values.

Today, Paxton-Hall Lawyers enjoys an enviable reputation as a leading contemporary law firm but with a traditional approach to service for clients.

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